Thursday, April 23, 2015

Second World Problems

Second World Problems

Now these problems are different from first world because their a little stupid but have a little seriousness in it.These are type of problems that you kind of laugh at,but are bit sad when you
start to think about.Second world problems aren't what you see in the U.S but mostly in Asia as seen here in this chart:
 Asia shows many examples of second world problems since in places like China ,they give people freedom to do whatever,but with some limitations for example;the censorship in China prevents people from looking at certain content ,making a bit unfair to those who mostly spend time on networks like YouTube,Tumblr and etc as shown here in this meme:
 People with second world problems need attention since unlike their first world counterpart they get
kinda of cheated out of the good qualities ,though don't give so much pity to them as they do have some of the freedom we first world people get and get to have some good quality things since some of them live in well economic places.


  1. I agree. People in first world with less problems need to help and make it better for countries categorized in the 2nd world. The future is coming.