Thursday, April 9, 2015

WiFi is Love.WiFi is Life.

WiFi is Love.WiFi is Life.
For people who are always on their devices all time WiFi is basically our way of living whether your using it to help with your school assignments,go on social media like Facebook or just go and watch videos like on Vine or YouTube.We cherish or in fact praise WiFi almost as if its a god who will take everything away from you unless you worship it.Some people can not handle being without WiFi as the second it goes down people go to the brink of insanity.WiFi it's self is also problematic in its own ways.

 Some people out there will question your sanity for not having WiFi,even your friends will in no doubt leave you if you don't have WiFi in your house(that's also if you don't have food)people constantly go to cafe to get WiFi and spend hours on their phones or tablets turning a simple cafe like Starbucks into a church of WiFi,praying in their "holy house of God". WiFi has many problems its self that a lot of first world people would know mostly middle class.

  • WiFi is usually "borrowed" from others like your neighbors but some neighbors like to have it all to themselves.
  • slow WiFi is like aging your slowly dieing.
  • WiFi not reaching through out your house is just the worst.
  • And the most god awful of all going to a place with no WiFi.
 All in all WiFi is this generations way of living and were gonna have to get used to this as more advanced technology gets,the more first world problems to come in the future,isn't life just so unfair.

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