Thursday, May 21, 2015

First world problems:NO LOBSTER!!!!!


You think this would happen in the U.S but I guess America isn't the only one w/ First World Problems 
as Kim Jong Un whines about how there's barley getting any lobster due to shortcoming because as a leader of a country the most important thing to focus on is not politics,not healthcare,not free rights but lobster.(if you don't get this, it cause he's fat)
Kim says that the farm didn't even explain the history of the farming project"It is hard to understand that the farm visited by Kim Jong Il did not arrange even the room for education in revolutionary history," said Kim.The lobster farm was meant for freshwater types but due to the outdated way of thinking and bad work style it failed.North Korea was preparing a celebration for the 70th anniversary for the Korean Work Party,but due to halted luxury food, the country has to make it's own-including lobster

 Kim has shown various signs of unnecessary anger in the past.In 2014 he complains about how inaccurate the weather is after visiting the meteorologist faculties,reports from the newspaper Rodong Sinmun showed photos of a red face Kim,blaming the outdated equipment and scientific method,Kim Jong Un said that it's important that the weather is accurate so that people can be safe from natural disasters(which I guess is very important for a leader to care about).Kim has even showed anger in an amusement park(really an amusement park? -_-) which in 2013 had broken pavement and overgrown weeds.The leader was so irritated that again he turned red and pluck each weed one by one and complained to the staff about service(but seriously out of all the problems in N.Korea such as rights, you whine about an amusement park? -__- )
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(What a nice display of leadership.)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First World Problem:Problems Only People Who Are Really Loud Will Understand.

You can't lie,there's always that one loud person in your life who you just hope shut ups someday,but did you ever think how they feel?

  • people who are loud are always get in trouble and they don't even do anything.
  • loud people are always seen as mean,aggressive,sassy people.
  • their always getting the "stink" look(yes not just by you).
  • people tend only focus on their volume not what their saying.
  • the second they open their mouths,their immediately told to shut up.
  • they accidentally leak their thoughts letting everyone know their business.
Remember the next time you hear that one loud person,try starting a conversation with,hey you might even be friends with them as loud people tend to relate to everyone.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Third World Class:Nepal earthquake

Nepal earthquake
About a week ago(yes just like the song-_- ) a horrifying earthquake hit Nepal  a country in South Asia  that was hit by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake which shattered the country with it's tantrum but to add not salt ,but sour lemon to the wound by even affecting the famous MT. Everest which just caused survivors to be trapped.

Many villages like Barpak have had mostly destroyed homes as most were made of stone and timber.Villages such as Mandre have been completely abandon, the village look's like that of a war zone, almost similar with the middle east  and it's problem with ISIS.even with a high number of 7365 deaths people have been quickly reunited with their beloved family and friends though for some it's almost like being stabbed in the soul as some never get the chance to see their loved ones again.

If you're reading this remember to cherish your things like your "precious" Phone,your PlayStation and Xbox, your house, and most important your friends and family.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Third World Problems

Third World Problems

Third world problems are the most serious of the three
worlds,third world problem are in mostly in Africa,Mexico,S.America,Middle East and Greenland.
People who suffer from Third world get the worst of everything 
from terrorism to things like starvation.
 Even thou the dancing African kid looks like he's having fun,these  issues are nothing to be laughing about,there are times when things are funny and this is not the time these memes and jokes sure could make you laugh but ust remember that everything said in those memes and jokes are true.And remember to be grateful for first world life.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Second World Problems

Second World Problems

Now these problems are different from first world because their a little stupid but have a little seriousness in it.These are type of problems that you kind of laugh at,but are bit sad when you
start to think about.Second world problems aren't what you see in the U.S but mostly in Asia as seen here in this chart:
 Asia shows many examples of second world problems since in places like China ,they give people freedom to do whatever,but with some limitations for example;the censorship in China prevents people from looking at certain content ,making a bit unfair to those who mostly spend time on networks like YouTube,Tumblr and etc as shown here in this meme:
 People with second world problems need attention since unlike their first world counterpart they get
kinda of cheated out of the good qualities ,though don't give so much pity to them as they do have some of the freedom we first world people get and get to have some good quality things since some of them live in well economic places.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First World Problems

First World Problems

First World Problems are things on the Internet mostly connected to what you call memes  
these memes associate with problems that kind of make you think of the phrase "stop crying over spilled milk",But that's whats happens when spoiled people don't get what they want they whine and post on the Internet mostly Tumblr.Now lets get on with first world problems,these problems can range from many stupid things such as

  • I didn't my Starbucks this morning
  • My IPhone isn't new anymore
  • My hand is to fat to fit in my Pringles
  • I forgot to bring my phone to the bathroom when went to go use the toilet now I'm bored
  • My GPS made me go through the ghetto
  • My charger is all the way down stairs
  • I hate when my leather seats of my car aren't heated
  • I used the microwave to cook my food but it was cold 
As you can see these "problems" aren't problems at all and if you take them seriously ,
well all i have to say is please get off the internet.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

WiFi is Love.WiFi is Life.

WiFi is Love.WiFi is Life.
For people who are always on their devices all time WiFi is basically our way of living whether your using it to help with your school assignments,go on social media like Facebook or just go and watch videos like on Vine or YouTube.We cherish or in fact praise WiFi almost as if its a god who will take everything away from you unless you worship it.Some people can not handle being without WiFi as the second it goes down people go to the brink of insanity.WiFi it's self is also problematic in its own ways.

 Some people out there will question your sanity for not having WiFi,even your friends will in no doubt leave you if you don't have WiFi in your house(that's also if you don't have food)people constantly go to cafe to get WiFi and spend hours on their phones or tablets turning a simple cafe like Starbucks into a church of WiFi,praying in their "holy house of God". WiFi has many problems its self that a lot of first world people would know mostly middle class.

  • WiFi is usually "borrowed" from others like your neighbors but some neighbors like to have it all to themselves.
  • slow WiFi is like aging your slowly dieing.
  • WiFi not reaching through out your house is just the worst.
  • And the most god awful of all going to a place with no WiFi.
 All in all WiFi is this generations way of living and were gonna have to get used to this as more advanced technology gets,the more first world problems to come in the future,isn't life just so unfair.