Thursday, May 14, 2015

First World Problem:Problems Only People Who Are Really Loud Will Understand.

You can't lie,there's always that one loud person in your life who you just hope shut ups someday,but did you ever think how they feel?

  • people who are loud are always get in trouble and they don't even do anything.
  • loud people are always seen as mean,aggressive,sassy people.
  • their always getting the "stink" look(yes not just by you).
  • people tend only focus on their volume not what their saying.
  • the second they open their mouths,their immediately told to shut up.
  • they accidentally leak their thoughts letting everyone know their business.
Remember the next time you hear that one loud person,try starting a conversation with,hey you might even be friends with them as loud people tend to relate to everyone.

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