Thursday, May 7, 2015

Third World Class:Nepal earthquake

Nepal earthquake
About a week ago(yes just like the song-_- ) a horrifying earthquake hit Nepal  a country in South Asia  that was hit by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake which shattered the country with it's tantrum but to add not salt ,but sour lemon to the wound by even affecting the famous MT. Everest which just caused survivors to be trapped.

Many villages like Barpak have had mostly destroyed homes as most were made of stone and timber.Villages such as Mandre have been completely abandon, the village look's like that of a war zone, almost similar with the middle east  and it's problem with ISIS.even with a high number of 7365 deaths people have been quickly reunited with their beloved family and friends though for some it's almost like being stabbed in the soul as some never get the chance to see their loved ones again.

If you're reading this remember to cherish your things like your "precious" Phone,your PlayStation and Xbox, your house, and most important your friends and family.

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  1. Thats so terrible, so many people have been effected in recent years by earthquakes. Also, I have heard that many people on Mt Everest were killed by ensuing avalanches.