Thursday, May 21, 2015

First world problems:NO LOBSTER!!!!!


You think this would happen in the U.S but I guess America isn't the only one w/ First World Problems 
as Kim Jong Un whines about how there's barley getting any lobster due to shortcoming because as a leader of a country the most important thing to focus on is not politics,not healthcare,not free rights but lobster.(if you don't get this, it cause he's fat)
Kim says that the farm didn't even explain the history of the farming project"It is hard to understand that the farm visited by Kim Jong Il did not arrange even the room for education in revolutionary history," said Kim.The lobster farm was meant for freshwater types but due to the outdated way of thinking and bad work style it failed.North Korea was preparing a celebration for the 70th anniversary for the Korean Work Party,but due to halted luxury food, the country has to make it's own-including lobster

 Kim has shown various signs of unnecessary anger in the past.In 2014 he complains about how inaccurate the weather is after visiting the meteorologist faculties,reports from the newspaper Rodong Sinmun showed photos of a red face Kim,blaming the outdated equipment and scientific method,Kim Jong Un said that it's important that the weather is accurate so that people can be safe from natural disasters(which I guess is very important for a leader to care about).Kim has even showed anger in an amusement park(really an amusement park? -_-) which in 2013 had broken pavement and overgrown weeds.The leader was so irritated that again he turned red and pluck each weed one by one and complained to the staff about service(but seriously out of all the problems in N.Korea such as rights, you whine about an amusement park? -__- )
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(What a nice display of leadership.)

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